10 Years Later

That’s where Jack comes in!

Jack saw I was going through it on my Facebook, and took the time to message me and connect. I hadn’t spoken to Jack in some time. Jack was my manager at a grocery store that is popular down here about 5 years prior, when I was 16. He must’ve been 23–24 then. There was nothing beyond a usual, professional manager to employee relationship back then.

But romance was not something I wanted with him. I simply wasn’t really attracted to him in that way, and he seemed content with that.

I remember the only time I went to his house, which was really 90 minutes away, and he broke down and got very emotional. He told me about how he had to move out here to live with his parents to get away from his horrible ex. He then told me, with great detail, about having been sexually abuse by an older man as a child, and how the man was caught, and sent to prison. He told me he felt the guilt of that to this day, and even wrote letters to that man, and how confused it made him. He cried. I was one of those co-dependents that thought I was empath, also known as, I had no boundaries, and felt I had ownership over other people’s problems and healing, and that story really worked on me. I felt so many feelings in that moment, and provided hours of comfort and care. Looking back, of course, I have no way to know if the story is true in any way.

I reacted to them, of course, and it was not going well for me.

It did not help that I started to see red truck driving by at night, back and forth, and not knowing if it could be him, since he knew where I lived still. My nerves were shot, I found myself pacing in the night, and unable to truly sleep.

I was exhausted.

I finally call the Tampa Police Department, and one officer arrives, looks at my texts, asks me what I did to lead him on, and took my statement. He told me I had 21 days to file for prosecution, and left. He certainly did not work to provide any resources, or attempt to encourage me to find a safe space to go, after all, Jack knew where I lived. Public safety at it’s finest!



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Angel D’Angelo

Angel D’Angelo


I’m not an expert or scholar on anything. I mainly write for me. If others see it, and love it, great :)