Enough Inclusion, Liberation is the Goal

Dr. Angela Davis said in a lecture I once watched, but cannot remember which one, something to the effect of:

I don’t want to be included in white supremacy.

It is one of my many political contradictions though. I love to see us in movies and TV and not being a plot device.

I’m not aiming for the radical of the year award, so I’m not going to pretend I don’t consume or even enjoy the representation, as imperfect as it is.

Be who you want personally but politically be queer.

I’d love to see more radical queer political organizing in the South with a goal of dismantling the oppression system, not rainbowing the system.

What I’d Want to See

It would be useful if there was aligned guiding principles so every chapter had tools to align to a common cause, even though every City in the U.S. will have different priorities they will have a common road map.

  • Anti assimilatonism. Individual queer people can live how they want but no way of living should be considered dominant or normal, even if it is the most common.
  • Abolitionist response to internal harm including difficult harm. Using restorative justice, non violent communication & community accountability to handle harm. A restorative justice panel should exist nationally and exist at a local level. The panel should consist of people who continue to train on abolition and who bring those trainings to the coalition at large. It must have trans, disabled and/or BIPOC members on it and it should have a mix of orientations and identities. The panel can be engaged to handle anything from internal conflict to more serious harms .
  • Liberation for all gay, queer and trans people is at the center. There will be no leaving so-and-so out to “advance the cause”. We already have done and do that now with trans and QTPOC and we should learn from that.

What would we do?


  • Identifying and disrupting the isms.
  • Implicit bias
  • Equitable pricing
  • Hiring practices
  • Cultural competency
  • Accessibility
  • Identifying and preventing the risk of consent violations and assault (and better responses when they do happen).
  • Active shooter, fire, explosion and danger preparedness
  • Implementation of safety marshals in businesses.
  • Identifying when someone is too drunk or overdosing.



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Angel D’Angelo

Angel D’Angelo


I’m not an expert or scholar on anything. I mainly write for me. If others see it, and love it, great :)