Gender Has Been Complicated for Me

A white woman in a blue chair with a red lipstick smile, a flannel shirt, and gorgeous legs crossed over one another the “woman” way.
A Black man with glasses and a beautiful light blue tie, dressed to impress, with his right leg placed over his left leg crossed the “man” way. Image:
A faceless white mannequin with right arm on hip, left arm hanging down, and left foot slightly extended. Image:
A white woman with a grey sweater looking at her nails by extending her right arm, backside of hand facing her.
A white man’s hand with absolutely no nail style with fingers curled, nails facing the camera. Image:
Image of me on the left: white man dressed in drag with long blonde wig, a black necklace and a red dres. I’m holding a glass of a cocktail and I have french manicured nails. On the right is a FiFi Dubois in a black, sparkly dress with a curly blonde wig and white necklace. We are at Valentine’s Showbar in Tampa, FL 2010.



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Angel D’Angelo

Angel D’Angelo


I’m not an expert or scholar on anything. I mainly write for me. If others see it, and love it, great :)