How Racism and Xenophobia Turned America Dry

Historic Archive Image of a newspaper article that says “NO ITALIANS ALLOWED: On May 28, 1886 council passed a resolution to the [unintelligible] that parties receiving this contract for paving E. Washington St shall bind themselves not to employ any Italian labor.”
Historic image of a sign reading “Help Wanted, No Irish Need Apply”
Black and white painted image, historic archive photo. The image is of a mob of mostly white men in suits with a few women in dresses.
Historic newspaper image from “The American Issue”. It states “US Is Voted Dry, 36th State Ratifies Dry Amendment Jan 16. Nebraska noses out Missouri for honor of completing job of writing Dry Act into Constitution. Wyoming, Wisconsin and Minnesota right on their heels. January 16, 1919 momentous day in world’s history.



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Angel D’Angelo

Angel D’Angelo


I’m not an expert or scholar on anything. I mainly write for me. If others see it, and love it, great :)