Wow thank you for writing this. It's awful how little he thought about you but I applaud your compassion to have visited. It's intentional that jails and prisons make it difficult to visit or even write letters. What's ironic is the majority of contraband comes from the staff.

I only spent one eight hour period in my life in jail and it was just absolutely dehumanizing. I asked for help to make the phone call and I got threatened with a holding cell. Just for asking! That place will tear your soul.

And the guards... they have to leave their soul at the door to keep going.

It destroys everyone. The Inmate, the loved ones, and even the staff.

But you have to protect yourself... so I'm glad you put on those boundaries but yet it's still so amazing all that you did literally for someone who could not and seemingly would not do anything back.

These stories are necessary so we can see the ugly truth and burden of this awful system.

I’m not an expert or scholar on anything. I mainly write for me. If others see it, and love it, great :)